Fun Food Specialist (FFS) delights your days with a wide range of fun food varieties. FFS FOODS has a strong and steadfast commitment to whole concept of fun food business. We do believe that eating is part of fun for our life when we enjoy the tasty morsel of foods. Hence, we wish to deliver the goodness and enjoyment in food that you deserve. We put our hearts and minds into bringing you fantastic tasting, to pamper your taste bud through our innovative creation. We are always in search of new way to offer you variety of most delectable, wholesome and exquisite goodies, ranging from bakery delicacy such as Waffle Cake, Waffle Biscuit, Waffle Sticks, Waffle Ice-Cream, Kaya Ball, Tokiwado, Popcorn, beverage and desserts such as Cold Drink, Soft Drink, Juice Slush, Icy Tornado, Cotton-Candy and etc. In addition, we do supply a complete range of these bakery premix products, ingredients, equipments, products packaging and display materials to our customers and food service operation. We aim to make our concepts stronger and more profitable with the ability to leverage product purchases, so when you wish to develop fun food business, think of FFS FOODS!